Welcome to Next Level of Cornhole
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Fully Lit Multi Colored LEDs

Our Specialities

Remote Control Lights

Multicolored LEDs. Not only do ithey change colors, but it can change motions too!

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HD Wooden Sets

3/4 inch tops, Pocket holed, 2x4 frames, mitered & routed edges.

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Painted, stained, your style. All Finished boards come with Lacquered coating.

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Welcome the next level of cornhole boards. We specialize in fully lit multicolored LED boards. They are remote controlled battery operated. It also includes an ac plug in option. Not only does the colors change with push of a button but you can also use patterned changes too! Just as it gets dark the games just starts. Contact us today and start creating your own Lighted cornhole set. All sets include 8 bags of 2 types of color choices.