Standard Cornhole Rules


Standard Rules Cornhole Game Rules

Cornhole Boards Spacing

  • Measured 27ft apart from the front of the boards.

Cornhole  Bags & Rules of Play

  • Each player or team has (4) bags of one color- total of (8) bags

  • 2  (singles) or 4 players (doubles)

  • Each player will alternate bag toss

Example:  one blue, one red, one blue, one red etcetera...

  • All 8 bags tossed end each turn

  • Coin toss determines who will have the first toss

  • Players may toss from any position behind the front edge of their cornhole board 

  • All 4 bags are added together for each player/team. The player/team with the highest amount of points are awarded the difference in the two players/teams scores. 

Example: Team A -8 points & team B - 6 points.  Team A will receive 2 points.

  • Games are played to exactly 21 points 

Example:  if a team has 20 points, they must score 1 point to win. If they score 2 or more points they go back to 20 points (their points at the start of the turn.) 

  • If a team goes over 21 points - the turn for both players/teams will end immediately on the toss that reached 22+ ( even if there are bags not tossed). The player or team that goes back to their original points will have honors on the next turn. 

  • The scoring player or team has “honors”  on the next turn. If both players/teams score the same amount of points the player/team the team with honors for the current turn will keep honors until the other player or team scores the highest points.

Singles & Doubles

  • Singles -  toss from both cornhole boards 

  • Singles -  alternate left & right sides every turn (1 turn = 4 bags tossed)

  • Doubles -  toss from one position for the entire match

  • Doubles -  teammates will be on opposite cornhole boards facing each other

  • Doubles -  change sides at the end of each match

  • Winning  player or team will start next match. “Honors”

Point System

  • Bag in the hole = 3 points 

  • Bag on the cornhole board surface = 1 point

  • Bag hanging on the rim of the hole = 1 point 

  • Bag hanging on the edge of  the board surface & not touching the ground = 1 point

  • Bag hanging on the edge of the board  surface & touching the ground = 0 points

Note : A bag hanging on the front edge and is resting on another Cornhole bag. If the bag on the ground can be removed without causing the bag on the edge to fall, the point is given.

Cornhole Foul

  • A player’s foot passes the front of the cornhole board

  • A player goes out of turn.

  • A player’s cornhole bag hitting the ground or a foreign object before landing  on the cornhole playing surface/center hole

  • If a foul occurs, the bag is removed from the playing surface and no point (s) awarded for the toss.

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